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The Whissile

Whisky-powered flight

The Whissile comes from a conversation we had during our first year of university, the gist of which was that whisky (being essentially a mixture of 40% ethanol and 60% water) would probably be a viable rocket fuel. In fact, early rockets such as the A4/V2 and the Mercury-Redstone launch vehicle used an ethanol-water blend as fuel, albeit in different proportions. This initial idea was given a name; a portmanteau of ‘whisky’ and ‘missile’.

Thus, the Whissile was born.

This project is supported by the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund, through the University of Warwick.

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Who are we?

The Whissile team consists of four of us, all students at the University of Warwick studying various combinations of maths and physics. Although we're a group, we also each have our own specialities...

Robert Sandford
Lead Designer
James Edmondson
James Christen
Propulsion Designer/Fuel Tester
Adam Lack
PR and Web
Safety Haggis
Chief H&S Officer



We'd love for you to help let people know about us, so here are a couple of desktop wallpapers to proudly declare your support for the Whissile!

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2560x1920 px

You can also get hold of an .eps vector of our logo for your usage.

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